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Welcome to Unscathed's guild website.
Guild Stone Location  
To join Unscathed,
*You must have a Golden Talent Title
*Have Paladin/Dark Knight
*Run a Shadow Mission with me to evaluate your skill, or be recommended by a Senior member or Officer.
(These are our minimum requirements our recommended are in the Recruiting section of the page)

Some basic rules: 
*Treat others with respect.
*Avoid controversial subjects in guild chat. (Ex. Religion, Politics, and Race)
*Do not abuse kindness. (There is a fine line of help and using.)
*No active modding.
*Keep our reputation clean.
and finally
*Have fun! xD

Guild News

Guild Stone of Courage! 2

Fallsetta, Feb 5, 13 9:35 AM.
Congrats Unscathed! Thanks to all who have donated. We now have final Guild Stone, now soon we will finally get our Guild Robes as request of Johny and Ikcurus. After our robes are complete, we will be saving up GP to participate in the Guild Battles! I hope you're all ready for this!
GP Cost of Stone: 100k

Current GP: 6.75k

Level 5!

Fallsetta, Jan 21, 13 11:55 PM.
Congrats everyone! Unscathed has now reached the Grand Guild level. Thanks to everyone who has done there part, and a special thanks to Officer: Ikcurus for donating 1mil gold. 

GP Cost: 20k
Current GP: 89.9k

P.S Soon we will be getting the Guild Stone of Courage ^^

Guild Stone of Courage!

Fallsetta, Oct 8, 12 1:12 AM.
Monday October 08 2012
Let's do it guys! We have a long way to go, but don't get discouraged: We're already a 5th of the way there!
Guild Stone of Courage here we come.

Required GP: 100k
Current GP: 20k

"Guild Stone of Hope"

Fallsetta, Sep 1, 12 4:08 PM.
Saturday, September 01 2:58 pm
Hey everyone, we are soon upgrading our Guild Stone to the next level, the "Guild Stone of Hope"
It's merely aesthetics, but it'll make us look more professional lol. So I'm excited.

-The guild stone cost 10k Guild Points.
-This decision was based on vote of the senior members/council.
-Currently we have 8,873 GP

August 22 2012 5:00 PM

We have successfully upgraded our Guild Stone, awesome job guys, keep it up ^^

Level 4!

Fallsetta, Sep 1, 12 3:55 PM.
You guys are doing great! ^^ We now have raised our guild player capacity to 50, thanks to everyone who donated. Y'all are awesome keep up the good work.
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